Horse List

If you click on Horses in the menu, you can then click on the 'Horse List' button.

Horse List #

Now you get an overview of all horses that you have entered in the system. The horse list consists of the following fields:

  • Check box
  • Horse's name
  • UELN
  • Chip no
  • Sire
  • Dam's Sire
  • Season 2021
  • Edit

Check box #

You can select the checkbox in front of the horse's name. You can select multiple horses as well. In this way you can remove one or more horses at once.

Horse's name #

Here you can see the name of the horse. Clicking on the horse's name will take you to the horse's profile.


This stands for Universal Equine Life Number. This consists of 15 numbers and/or letters and is unique for each horse.

Chip number #

Here you can see the chip number of the horse. It consists of 15 digits.

Sire #

This field contains the father of the horse.

Dam's Sire #

This field contains the father of the horse's mother.

Season 2021 #

If this box is checked, the horse has undergone a treatment in 2021.

Edit #

By pressing the pink pen, you can change the horse's data.

Search fields #

Above all horse data you will see several search fields. You can fill in several search fields at the same time. A pop-up will appear of the horse(s) that match(es) your search criteria. If you then click on the name, the profile page of the relevant horse will open. 

Add new #

Is there a horse missing from the horse list? Then you can also easily add a new horse by clicking the "Add new" button at the top right.

Show Season List #

By pressing the button "Show Season List", you can select a certain period. In this way you can see all horses treated between these dates. You can also easily print this list by clicking the "Print" button at the top right.

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