Re-proVet contributes to the EHV-1 outbreak

Re-proVet decided to contribute in battling the EHV-1 virus that is currently prevalent in Europe. Since we are convinced that our software will aid the veterinarians in battling the EHV-1-virus, we would like to make our software available for every vet/clinic that needs it to fight EHV-1. Because of the seriousness of the disease, we are willing to offer our software for 49 euros/month for a period of 2 months, or longer, if necessary to overcome this virus*. We will also provide free trainings if necessary. We are also willing to do some adaptations to this software if necessary specifically for EHV-1. In this way, we hope that we can help fight this virus and make sure that the horses stay as healthy as possible. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or via phone at +32 471 04 15 84 to further discuss our proposal. *with a maximum of 6 months.